A Cool Roof is a roof intended to reflect the suns radiation, which will then, keep your home cooler. This is a good idea for those of us who live in parts of the country that are very hot. Cool Roofs can be completed in several ways. Some are done by applying a coating over the already existing roof. A single ply membrane can also be used.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of a Cool Roof


Cool roofs can help to protect the materials that have been used in the roofs construction, meaning it can last longer.


Although a Cool Roof will not lessen your heating bill when it’s cold, the savings you can attain from the cooling effects of the roof far surpass the extra heating costs. Materials used for cool roofs have the ability to decrease the temperature on a roof by as much as 100 degrees. This can be very advantageous in city areas that are often affected by blackouts and brownouts, which is due to the fact that too many buildings retain heat. This can prove to be dangerous when there is a heatwave, as this contributes to reduced air quality.


Electrical systems easily become over loaded when too many air cooling devices like air conditioners run constantly. Cool roofs therefore, are good for this problem because they lower electrical demand. At peak heat times of the day, the advantages of this can be clearly seen.


Installing a Cool Roof in some cases, could even result in utility rebates. Who of us doesn’t want to save more money?


After this brief overview, we can see that a Cool Roof would be valuable, especially in a hot climate.